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We secure your connection to the internet. Online traffic can easily be intercepted by hackers. Public hotspots and unsecured wireless networks are one of the major reasons for identity theft, privacy intrusion and data thefts.


We protect your privacy. Your location and personal details are exposed each time you visit any website on the internet. Your IP address reveals your location and your internet browser keeps a lot of private information which can be stolen by malicious websites.


We provide freedom in the internet. Our secure gateways let you access any site, from anywhere, anytime. Wherever you live, while using our services you can connect to the internet without regional restrictions.

How to secure communication over Internet

We protect your connection to the internet. As soon as you start using our services your entire connection to the internet gets secured with the strongest encryption algorithms. It doesn't matter whether you use a public access point at an airport, your home wifi or 3G capable smartphone, your connection is always secure all along the communication channel, between your device and our secure gateways.